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Unfolding future opportunities by invigorating what you truly stand for.

Currently, major shifts reverberate throughout all industries. It is exciting to see hybrid realities emerge, fueling expectations towards on-demand lifestyles, transparency and social relevance. Consumers take control of their future, choosing brands sensitive enough to reach out in full recognition of their client's needs and desires. All these changes offer brands the opportunity to reinvent themselves, become meaningful and create an unprecedented new momentum.

When it comes to defining to what your brand is really about, there are no shortcuts, quick fixes or copy paste scenarios. In order to get to grips with what really distinguishes and drives your brand, I connect with your organization on multiple levels, unraveling structures to retrieve your brand's true definition and meaning.
From this point, we can rekindle the fire you started with, enabling you to become more relevant than ever.

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Creating relevance starts with understanding the Zeitgeist. Brands only succeed by building memorable associations and leveraging them in a distinctive and meaningful manner. To fathom the consumers you need to connect with, we dive deep into cultures, seeking out early signs of shifting consumer expectations, unlocking the motives behind these changes. We map out these changes, set out a course and challenge your brand to get close to the moments that really matter for your consumers.

Why settle for a one man band to improve your brand identity and brand image? Because there is no substitute for 20 years of experience in forward thinking and delivering cutting-edge solutions.

In return for your trust, all my work will be based on a Fixed Fee Arrangement.
Before the start of each project I prepare a budget that clearly states which activities will take place in the desired timeframe. Your signature on the budget indicates my full commitment to your project.
In the course of the project I will not take on any other projects.

Some clients have strict NDA policies.
Please contact me for more information on recent projects: info@ricardovandergraaf.com

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